Learn About Soy Farming Project


IFCU, CDI and the Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB) have teamed up to implement a soybean farming project in Iringa region through more than 500 farmers in co-operatives. And CDI are the most profitable implementers for Iringa farmers of this project. This project will last for three consecutive seasons from 2021/2022 – 2023/2024.


Fortunately, soybeans are one of the few crops that have been proven to thrive in all production areas available in Iringa region.


There are many inputs required for soybean farming but the project was successful in lending three types of inputs which are seeds (spike), fertilizer (NPK) and vaccine (inoculants) to further stimulate production.

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A total of 900 acres were expected to be produced in 11 AMCOS managed by IFCU which are Kihanga, Kidugala Muwimbi, Lupembelwasenga, magulilwa, mtitu, lulanzi, Ibumu, Ikuka, Ipilimo, Maduma and Uhambingeto. However due to the climate of the 2021 / 2022 being not good we expect production to be below the estimated 900 Tons in total.


The project has developed a mechanism to sell soybeans that will be produced by all farmers through a warehouse receipt system. The project will also provide an initial payment to all farmers who have collected

 their produce through cooperatives, this is to make the farmer less likely to be persuaded sell soybeans to speculators due to the fact that most farmers need to sell their produce as soon as they harvest.


There are many benefits available through this project and the following are some

  1. Boost the economy of the individual farmer and the nation as a whole
  2. Soybean production will increase in Iringa region so it will contribute to promoting our region
  3. The economy of cooperatives will increase

Boost the your economy of the individual farmer and the nation as a whole.


IFCU would like to thank the Clinton Foundation and TADB for enabling Iringa regional farmers to access this huge project worth more than one billion shillings. So all farmers are advised to take advantage of this soybean farming opportunity so that they can boost their economy through agriculture.

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