IFCU in support of CDI to facilitated 18 AMCOS have managed to employ managers, and the board took the idea in positive way and AMCOS members accepted the idea during the general meeting. Due to that IFCU in collaboration with CDI have planned to conduct training to new selected AMCOS managers, the Managers Development Program aims empowering AMCOS manager to be able to strengthen the ability of managing AMCOS assets, make strategic group decision and create a balanced level of participation in agribusiness, cost control and promote effective communication.

The discussion is taking place at Iringa region library hall for five days from 13th June, to 17thJune 2022 covering the following topics.

  1. Group vision and mission
  2. Cooperative laws,
  3. Cooperative Managements.
  4. Entrepreneurship mindset.
  5. Business plan.
  6. Budgeting.
  7. Financial skills.
  8. Auditing.
  9. Managing individual and team performance/ Leading and managing change
  10. Coaching and giving feedback
  11. Individual and team communication and Working as Team
  12. Workplace and employment law
  13. Conflict management and resolution
  14. Group decision making
  15. Resource mobilization
  16. Planning and Implementation
  17. Organizing records

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